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Glossary A
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ABC classification Advertising response Arbitrary approach
Absent time Advertising strategy Arbitrary method
Absolute advantage Advertising Arbitrator
Absolutist or Dictatorial System Advertorials Arc
Acceptance Sampling Advocacy advertising Area sample
Accountability Affective behavior Armís-length transfer pricing
Accounting Information Systems Affiliation need Arm's Length Test
Achievement Needs Affordable method Array
Achievement tests Agency of Record (AOR) Arrow Diagram Method
Acquired-needs Theory Agency theory Art direction
Action bucket Agent Arthur D. Little Life Cycle Approach
Action Research Agents and brokers Artificial intelligence (AI)
Active and Independent Internationalization Aggregate demand (AD) curve ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange
Active Listening Aggregate demand Assembler
Active Server Pages (ASP) Aggregate Project Plan Assumptions
Activity chart Aggregate supply (AS) curve Asymmetric Cryptography
Activity quotas Aggregate supply Asymmetrical balance
Activity AIDA model Attenuation
Activity-Based Costing (ABC) AIDAS model Attitudes
Activity-on-arrow network Aided recall tests Attribution theory
Activity-on-node network Aided recall Attrition
Actual Cost of Work Performance (ACWP) Algorithm Auction houses
Actuary Allocated quantity Auction market places
Ad hoc inquiries Allocating Audience
Ad hoc report Allocations Audit Trail
Ad Valorem Duties Allocative efficiency Audit
Ad valorem Tariff Allowances Augmented products
Adaptive mode Altruism Authentication
Adaptive Tasks Analog Communication or 1G Authoritarian Management
Additional markup cancellation Analog model Authority
Additional markup Analog transmission Autocratic
Adhocracy Analysis of Job Requirements Automated data processing
Administered development program Analysis of Variance for Regression Automatic stabilizer
Administered pricing Analysis paralysis Automatic vending
Administrative audit Anchor stores Automation
Administrative Closure Animatic storyboard Autonomous work group
Administrative management problems Animation Autonomy
Advanced Packet Switched Technology or 3G Annual objectives Availability
Advertisement campaign Anthropocentrism Average Absolute Deviation
Advertising agency Anthropology Average cost curve, long-run (LRAC or LAC)
Advertising appeal Antidumping Regulations Average cost curve, short-run (SRAC or SAC)
Advertising attentiveness Application Blank Average fixed cost
Advertising effectiveness Application development system Average product
Advertising exposure Application generator Average total cost
Advertising message Application software Average variable cost
Advertising objective Applied Ethics Axiological
Advertising persuasion Appointment book Ayer # 1
Advertising plan Approved supplier  
Advertising research Arbitrage