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Glossary B
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B2B advertising agencies Bill of materials Bridge
Baby boom Billed- time ratio Broad money
Back scheduling Binary digits (bits) Broker
Backlog Binomial Distribution Browser
Backorders Biometric Technology Budget committee
Backward Integration Biometrics Budget Cost of Work Scheduled (BCWS)
Backward scheduling Bits per second (BPS) Budget deficit
Balance of international payments Black Box model Budget key factor
Balance of Payments (BoP) Account Blue Tooth Technology Budget manual
Balance of payments Body copy Budget overrun
Balance of trade Body Language Budget period
Balance sheet Bonded warehouses Budget signals
Balance Bonus pool Budget Summary
Balanced scorecard Bonus Budget surplus
Baltimore Boot Budget
Bandwidth Boston Consulting Group (BCG) approach Budgeted Cost of Work Performance (BCWP)
Banner ads Bottleneck Budgeting control
Bar code Bottom- up Estimating Built-in Function
Barriers to entry Bottom-up planning Bulletin board system (BBS)
BARS Bounded Rationality Bulletin
Barter Bower’s model of investment decisions Bundling/Blurring
Basic Internet Banking Box store Bureaucracy
BASIC Boycott Bus
Batch output Brainstorming Business cycle
Batch processing Brand awareness Business cycles
Batch Brand equity Business ethics
BATNA Brand extension Business Information System
Bayes’ Theorem Brand image strategy Business Model
BCG Growth-share Matrix Brand licensing Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
Beginning of the month inventory Brand loyalty Business Simulation
Behavioral School Brand mark Business Strategy
Behavioral segmentation Brand Business-to-Business (B2B)
Belongingness Needs Brand-acquisition Business-to-Consumers (B2C)
Benchmarking Break Even Point Analysis Buy-back of shares
Bias Break-bulk Buyers’ market
Big-type layout Breakeven analysis Buying center roles
Bill of labor Breakeven point Buying power
Bill of Lading Bribery