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Glossary C page 1
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C++ Charge-backs Committee assignment


C+I, C+I+G, or C+I+G+X schedule Charismatic Leaders Committees
Cable Modems Chart of Accounts Commodity Exchanges
Cache Memory Chase strategy Commodity rates
Cafeteria benefit programs Checking Commodity Suppliers (CS)
Calendaring and Scheduling Checklist Commodity warehouses
Call Option Chi-Square Distribution Common Market
Call report Choice Communication Devices
Cannibalization Circular flow Communication networks
Capacity capability analysis Circulated letters Communication objectives
Capacity requirements planning (CRP) Circulation Communication Planning
Capital account Class Consciousness Communication Protocol
Capital equipment Class Limits Communication
Capital goods Class Mark Communications architecture
Capital Class System Communications network
Capitalism Classical conditioning Communications protocol
Capitalist Economy Classical economics Communications server
Career Development Classical theories (in macroeconomics) Communications software
Career management Classical Viewpoint Communications system
Career plan Classifieds Communists
Career planning Client/server computing Community Involvement Choice Flow
Career Client/Server Network Community shopping center
Cartel Clip art Company goals
Cash Cow Clock speed Company mission
Cash discount Closed circuit television (CCTV) Company philosophy
Cash refunds Closed loop control mechanism Company profile
Caste System Closed system Company self-concept
Catalog marketing Closed-loop MRP Comparative advantage
Catalog showroom Close-ended questionnaire Comparative advertisement
Catalogues Close-outs Comparative price advertising
Category Killer Cluster Sampling Compatible
Causal studies Cluster Compensation administration
Cause-related advertising Coalition or Consortium E-Marketplaces Compensation
CD-ROM Coalitions Compensatory decision rules
Ceilings Coaxial Cable Competition
Census COBOL Competitive advantage
Central bank Code of Ethics Competitive advertising
Central Limit Theorem Code Competitive parity method
Central processing unit (CPU) Coding Competitive position matrix
Centralization Coefficient of Correlation Competitive Strategies
Centralized data processing Coefficient of Variation Competitor intelligence
Centralized databases Coercive Power Compliance Certificates
Centralized organization Cognitive behavior Compliance codes
Centralized procurement management applications (CPMAs) Cognitive dissonance Component item
CERES Cohesiveness Compound Duties
Certainty Cold calling Compressed workweek
Certification Authorities (CA) Cold site Computed
CFC Collaboration Computer conferencing
Chain of Command Collaborative Filtering Computer kiosk
Chain stores Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) approach Computer modeling
Change Agent Collaborative Planning Computer platform
Change Control Board (CCB) Collaborative Product Development Computer program
Change in demand Collaborative Project Management Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Change Collective bargaining Computer terminal
Changeover Collective Exhaustive Events Computer Virus
Changing Displays Collectivism Computer-aided design/Computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
Channel Accessibility Combination store
Channel Length Command substitution Computer-aided software engineering (CASE)
Channel power Commerce Platforms Computer-based Information Systems (CBIS)
Channel Commercialization Computer-based training

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