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Glossary D
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DAGMAR Model Deliverable Direct-action Elements
Data Administration Delphi Method Directive
Data Array Delphi study Disablement benefit
Data Communication Standards Delphi technique Discipline
Data consistency Demand Curve Discount rate
Data Design Demand flow strategy Discount retailers
Data dictionary/directory Demand for money Discounts
Data entry personnel Demand management Discrete Data
Data envelopment analysis Demand-backwards pricing Discrete Probability Distribution
Data management Demand-pull inflation Discrete Random Variable
Data manipulation language Deming prize Discretionary Cost Budget
Data Mining Demographic segmentation Discretionary Expense Center
Data model Demonstration format Discretionary income
Data modeling Demotion Discriminatory pricing
Data Point Deontological Disintermediation
Data Protection Legislation Department stores Disjunctive rule
Data redundancy Departmentalization Disk drives
Data Set Dependent demand Dispatcher
Data Tables Dependent Variable Dispersion
Data validation Depression Display ads
Data Warehouse Derived demand Display screen
Data Warehousing Descriptive studies Disposable income (DI)
Data Design skills Dissatisfiers
Database Administration Design specifications Distinctive Competence
Database administrator (DBA) Designated truncation time Distributed databases
Database maintenance Desktop publishing software (DTP) Distributed processing
Database management software Destination store Distribution center
Database management system (DBMS) Detailed scheduling Distribution channel
Database marketing Detailed system design Distribution management
Database processing Detection risk Distribution
Database Devaluation Distributive fairness
Dealer Development program Distributive Process
Debt Capital Development Distributor
Debt Management Ratios Differential Rate System Diversification
Decentralization Differentiated marketing Diversified growth
Decentralized data processing Differentiation Strategy Diversity
Decentralized organization Differentiation Divestiture
Deceptive pricing Digital Certificates Division of Labor
Decision making Digital Governance Division
Decision Point Digital Signature Divisional Structure
Decision Roles Digital Subscriber Line Document
Decision Support System Digital Technology or 2G Documentation
Decision table Diminishing returns effect Dogs
Decision Tree Diminishing returns Downsizing
Decision-Making Direct access Downward Communication
Decision-support tools Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Downward Mobility
Decline phase Direct B2B E-Marketplaces Drilling
Declining industries Direct channels DSS Generator
Decoding Direct comparative advertisement DSS
Decryption Direct cost Dual distribution
Dedicated server Direct exporting Dumb terminals
Defensive Avoidance Direct Interlock Dummy activity
Defensive behaviors Direct investment Dummy Variable
Defensive Strategies Direct marketing Dumping
Deferred Credit Direct Quotes Durable goods
Deficit spending Direct Relationship Duties
Deflation Direct response agencies Dynamic Configuration
Degrees of Freedom Direct selling Dynamic Homeostasis
Delegation Direct shipment network  
Deliverable Direct taxes