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Glossary E
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Earliest beginning time Employment Test Ethnocentric Staffing Model Expressed warranty
Earliest finish (EF) Employment Eurobond Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Earliest-due-date rule (EDD) Empowerment Eurocurrencies External Environment
E-Banking or Internet Banking Encoding Eurodollars External information system
E-Business Encryption European Union External integration
E-Cash End user computing systems Evaluation and control External mobility
E-Catalogues End user Evaluative criteria External Objectives
E-Commerce Banking End-use segmentation Event (node) External Stakeholders
Econometric Model Enlightened Self-interest Event External standards
Economic elements Enlightenment Matrix Everyday low pricing (EDLP) Externalities
Economic environment Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Evoked set Extinction
Economic Exposure Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) E-Voting Extranet
Economic life Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Ex - post evaluation Extrinsic Rewards
Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Enterprising Supply Chains Exact approaches Eye Detection Technology
Economic Tasks Entrapment Exception report Eye-tracking
Economic Union Entrepreneurial mode Excess reserves

Economic Value Added (EVA) Entrepreneurship Exchange offers
Economic Variables Entropy Exchange rate
Economies of scale Entrust Exchange Transformation
E-CRM Envelope curve Exchange
EDI Environmental analysis Exclusive Channel
Edit Environmental Complexity Exclusive dealing agreements
EDP (Electronic data processing) auditors Environmental scanning Executive information systems (EIS)
Effective buying income (EBI) Environmental tasks Executive support system (ESS)
Effectiveness Environmental Uncertainty Exemption Method
Efficiency contract E-Procurement Existence controls
Efficiency Equal employment opportunity Exit interviews
Efficient customer response (ECR) Equal-store approach Expatriate Failure
Effort Performance (EP) Expectancy Equifinality Expatriates
Egoism Equilibrium condition Expectancy Model
E-Governance Equilibrium price Expectancy theory
Elastic demand Equilibrium quantity Expectancy
Elasticity of supply Equity Capital Expected beginning time
Elasticity Equity Carve Outs Expected completion time
Electronic artificial surveillance systems Equity theory Expected Frequencies
Electronic commerce Equity Expected Marginal Loss
Electronic Data Processing (EDP) E-Revolution Expected Marginal Profit
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) ERG theory Expected Profit With Perfect Information
Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment Solutions (EIPP) ERP Architecture Expected Profit
Electronic kiosk Error of central tendency Expected time
Electronic mail (E-mail) system Escalation Situations Expected Value Criterion
Electronic mail E-Shopping Cart Expected Value of a Random Variable
Electronic payment systems Espoused values Expected Value of Perfect Information
Electronic spreadsheet package Essay method of appraisal Expected Value
E-Logistics Esteem Needs Expediting
e-mail software Estimate Expense Budget
E-Marketplace Estimating Equation Expense center
Emerging industries E-Supply Chain Expense quotas
Emotional appeal Ethical Audit Experience curve Pricing
Empathy Ethical decision-making model Experience qualities
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Ethical dilemma Experiment
Employee discounts Ethical lapse Experimental research
Employee empowerment Ethical perspectives Guide Expert power
Employee involvement Ethics and corporate governance theory Expert system (ES)
Employee provident fund Ethics and stakeholders theory Explanatory Models
Employee stock ownership plans Ethics Explicit cost
Employee's Stock Option Plans (ESOPs) Ethnic advertising agencies Exploitative/authoritative style of management
Employee-oriented Style Ethnocentric Approach Exploratory research
Employment at Will Ethnocentric Manager Export
Employment contract Ethnocentric Orientation Exporting