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Glossary F
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Facilities Fiscal policy Forward Discount
Facsimile (fax) Five Forces Model Forward Integration
Factory local area network (LAN) Fixed Assets Forward Premium
Family brand Fixed Budget Forward scheduling
Family Life Cycle Fixed Capital Costs Four Ts of Database Marketing
Family Fixed costs Fourth party logistics providers
Family-friendly workplace Fixed Price Contracts Fourth-Generation languages (4GL)
FAQ Page Fixed-fee method Fractile
Fast Tracking Fixed-position Layout Fragmented industries
Fear appeal Fixed-ratio Schedule of Reinforcement Frame layout
Feasibility study Fixed-slot system Franchise store
Fee-commission combination Flat organization Franchise
Feedback Control Flat Structure Franchising
Feedback Flea market Fraudulent Timing Differences
Feedforward Control Flexible Budget FRC (Financial Reporting Council)
Fictitious revenues Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) Free Float
Fiedler's Contingency Model Flextime Free trade Area
Field selling Floating ads Free trade
Field test Floor-ready merchandise Freeware
Field warehouse Floors Freeze-unfreeze technique
Fifth generation Flow time Frequency Curve
File locking Flowcharts Frequency Distribution
File management Focus group Frequency marketing
File Focus Strategy Frequency
Fill rate Focus Frequently asked question file
Filtered pricing Follow-up activities Frictional unemployment
Financial Analysis Forced choice method Fringe benefits
Financial condition analysis Forecasting Fringe trade area
Financial Control Forecasts Frustration-regression Principle
Financial leverage Foreign Bonds Full-duplex transmission
Financial Statement Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Full-service agency
Financial tasks Foreign exchange market Fully integrated vertical marketing system
Finger Geometry Foreign exchange rate Function
Finger Print Recognition Foreign Exchange Reserves Functional Audit
Finish to Finish Foreign Exchange Functional Authority
Finish to Start Formal Acceptance and Closing Functional intermediaries
Finished-goods Inventory Formal Communication Functional Managers
Finite Population Multiplier Formal group Functional middleman
Finite Population Formal organization Functional organization
Firewall Formalization Functional requirements
Firm ware Format Functional strategies
Firms Forming Functional Structure
First mover advantages FORTRAN Functional-level Strategy
First-come-first-served rule (FCFS) Forward auction Fund accounting
First-line Managers Forward buying Futures Contracts