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Glossary G
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GAAP Global Knowledge Exchanges Gravity location models
Game theory Global Matrix Structure Gray market merchandise
Gantt chart Global Strategy Green marketing
Gantt control chart Global Value Trust Networks Greening
Gantt load chart Global variables Grievance
Garbage-can Model Globalization of Markets Gross domestic Product (GDP)
Gate keeping Globalization of Production Gross domestic product, nominal (or nominal GDP)
Gateway Glocalization Gross domestic product, real (or real GDP)
Gaze-motion Go/ No-go controls Gross margins
GDP deflator Goal Setting Gross national product (GNP)
GE Nine-Cell Planning Grid Goal Gross national product, nominal (or nominal GNP)
General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT) Going-private transaction Gross national product, real (or real GNP)
General and Administrative Products Golden Parachutes Gross requirements
General Audit Goodness-of-Fit Test Gross salary
Generic brand Goods Group Cohesiveness
Generic strategy Goods-dominant products Group decision support systems (GDSS)
Geocentric Approach Governance Group Memory
Geocentric Orientation Government debt Group technology
Geocentric Staffing Model Government expenditure multiplier Group training method
Geographic Divisions Government market Group
Geographic organization Grand Corruption Groupthink
Geographic segmentation Grand Mean Growth needs
Geometric Mean Grand strategy Growth phase
Gigabit Ethernet Grapevine Growth Strategies
Gigabyte (GB) Graphic Rating Scales Growth/share matrix
GIS (Geographic Information System) Graphical user interface (GUI) Guarantee
Global approach Gratuity Guerilla unions
Global corporation