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Glossary I
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ICAI(Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) Industrial product Inter-enterprise Integration

Iceberg principle Industrial relations Interest expenses
Idea champions Industrial unions Interest Group
Idea generation Industrial/commercial market Interest Rate
Ideas Industry consortiums Interest tests
Idle time Industry Interest
Illustration Inelastic demand Interface
Image advertising Inept set Interlocking Directorates
Imagery transfer Inert set Intermodal transport
Immoral Management Inferior good Internal Auditing
I-mode Technology Inferred message Internal Environment
Imperfect competition Inflation (or inflation rate) Internal marketing
Implementation Inflation Internal mobility
Implied warranty of merchantability Influence Internalization Theory
Implied warranty Infomediaries Internalization
Import Duty Infomercials International Business Environment
Import Quota Informal group International Business
Import Informal organization International Division
Impoverished Management Informal Organizational Structure International Fischer Effect
Impression management Informal Performance Appraisal International Human Resource Management
Inbound logistics Information asymmetry International Logistics
Inbound telemarketing Information Distribution International Management
Incentive based compensation Information kiosks International marketing
Income effect Information management International Network Internalization
Income elasticity of demand Information power International Organization
Income statement Information processing International Strategy
Income Information system Internationalization
In-control process Information technology (IT) Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony Technology
Incremental Changes Informational appeal Internet Protocol
Incremental method Informational roles Internet service provider
Indented bill of materials Infrastructure Internet
Independent demand Inherent risk Internetworking
Independent Float In-House agency Interpreter
Independent marketplaces Initial markup Interquartile Range
Independent retailers Innomediaries Interval Estimate
Independent store Innovation Interventions
Independent Variables Input measures Intranet
Independent vertical marketing system Input Intrapreneurs
In-depth interview Inputs Intra-store competition
Index Number Inquiry processing Intrinsic Rewards
Index of Industrial Production Inside Money Introduction phase
Index of retail saturation (IRS) Insider trading Intuition
Index In-situ Research Inventories
Indifference curve Institutional advertising Inventory Control
Indifference theory Integrated growth Inventory management
Indirect channels Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Inventory policy
Indirect comparative advertising Integrated Network Inventory turnover
Indirect exporting Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Inventory
Indirect Quotes Integration view Inverse Relationship
Indirect taxes Integration Investment center
Individual brand Intellectual Property Rights Investment demand (or Investment demand curve)
Individual Factors Intelligent Supply Chains Investment spending
Individual training method Intelligent terminal Invoicing Currency
Individualistic Societies Intense growth Iron Law of Responsibility
Indoctrination Intensive distribution Irregular maintenance
Industrial Cluster Inter store competition ISO 9000
Industrial health Interactive marketing Isolated store
Industrial Park Interactive Page Item master file