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Glossary L
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Labor productivity Leased department List price
Labor scheduling Least slack rule (LS) Load
Labor Least Squares Method Loading (load, workload)
Laboratory experiment Legacy Systems Local area network (LAN)
Laboratory test Leniency bias Local Content Requirement
Laboratory Training Level strategy Local Variables
Labor-management Relations Leverage ratio Location Economies
Laissez-faire Management Leveraged buy-outs Locus of control
Laissez-faire Leveraging Relationships Logistics scoreboard
Large-batch Production Lexographic rule Logistics
Laspeyres Method Liabilities Logo
Lateral Communication Liaison Role London Interbank Offer Rate (LIBOR)
Latest beginning or start time Licensed brands Long run average costs
Latest finish (LF) Licensing Long run costs
Law of demand Life audit Long run
Law Life insurance company Longitudinal studies
Lay-offs Life-style Long-run aggregate supply schedule
Layout Limited service agency Long-term liabilities
Lead facility Limited-line retailers Long-term objectives
Lead time Limited-line wholesalers Looping
Leader pricing Line Authority Lot size
Leadership Styles Line extension Lot sizing
Leadership Line relationship Lot splitting
Leading Linear Programming Lot
Leads and Lags Strategy Linear Relationship Lot-for-lot ordering
Lean production systems Linking Pin Theory Low-contact services
Learning effect Liquid crystal display (LCD) LPC (Least Preferred Coworker) Orientation
Learning Liquidity Ratios