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Glossary M
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Machiavellianism Marketing culture Microprocessor

Machine language Marketing database Middle Level Management
Machine life Marketing decision support system (MDSS) Middleman
Macroeconomics Marketing environment Middleware
Mail-order wholesalers Marketing ethics Milk run
Main store approach Marketing Information System (MIS) Millicent
Mainframe Marketing intermediaries Millions of instructions per second (MPS)
Maintainability Marketing mix Minicomputer system
Maintained markup Marketing myopia Minimum Probability
Maintenance Tasks Marketing plan Mission statement
Maintenance, Repair, and Operating (MRO) goods Marketing public relations Mission
Make to order production system Marketing research Mixed Economy
Make/buy decision Marketing strategy Mobile Application Enablers (MAEs)
Management buy outs Marketing Mobile Application Platform (MAP)
Management by objectives (MBO) Markets Mobile Application Service Providers (MASPs)
Management by Wandering Around (MBWA) Markup pricing Mobile Applications Infrastructure (MAI)
Management development Markup Mobile Internet Service Providers (MISPs)
Management Ethics Marquee Mode
Management functions Mass Customization Model
Management Information System (MIS) Mass merchandisers Modem
Management Mass production Mondex
Management levels Master budget Mondrian layout
Management philosophy Master planning Monetary policy
Management Science Master production schedule Money Laundering
Managerial compensation Master production scheduling (MPS) Money market
Managerial Decisions Master schedule Money supply
Managerial grid Material requirement planning (MRP) Money
Manufacturer brand Material requirements planning (MRP) Software Money-supply multiplier
Manufacturing execution systems Material Resources Planning (MRP) Monitor
Manufacturing flow management Materials handling Monopolistic competition
Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) Materials management Monopoly
Manufacturing resource planning (MRP-II) software Matrix organization Monopsonistic firm
Marginal analysis Matrix Structure Moral hazard
Marginal benefit Maturing industries Moral Management
Marginal cost Maturity phase Moral philosophy
Marginal Loss MBO Moral standards
Marginal physical product MBWA Most likely Time
Marginal Probability McClelland's theory of needs Motherboard
Marginal Profit Mean time between failures (MTBF) Motion Study
Marginal propensity to consume Mean Motivation
Marginal Propensity to save (MPS) Measure of Central Tendency Motivators
Marginal revenue product Measure of Dispersion Motives
Marginal revenue Mechanistic Structure Mouse
Markdown cancellation Mechanization MP3
Markdown Media buying service agencies MRO Products
Market area analysis Media commissions Multi-attribute models
Market attractiveness/business position model Media content analysis Multidimensional analysis
Market demand Media planning Multidimensional Strategic Approach
Market development Media scheduling Multidomestic Strategy
Market failure Media strategy Multifibre Agreement (MFA)
Market Makers Median Class Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)
Market penetration Median Multilayer Switching
Market positioning Mediation Multinational Corporation (MNC)
Market price Megabyte (MB) Multinational market
Market segment Mentor Multipanel layout
Market segmentation matrix Merchandise controlling Multi-Party System
Market segmentation Merchandise handling Multiple management
Market share objectives Merchandise mix Multiple Regression
Market share Merchandising Multiple-unit pricing
Market Merchant wholesalers Multiplexer
Marketing audit Merchants Multiple-zone pricing
Marketing channel Mergers Multiplier
Marketing communication plan Message content Multiprocessing operating system
Marketing communications audit Message Multistage inventories
Marketing communications Metaethics Multitasking
Marketing concept Metanational Companies Multiuser
Marketing control Micro Political Risk Music appeal
Marketing cost analysis Microeconomics