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Glossary N
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NAFTA Neighborhood shopping center Non-programmed Decisions
National income (GDP) deflator Net exports Non-rational Models
National income Net investment Non-refutability
National Internalization Net requirements Non-renewable Energy
Nationalization Network Attached Storage (NAS) Nonrepudiation
Natural elements Network Risk Non-selling time
Natural increase Network Nonstore retailing
Natural monopoly Neural networks Non-strategic Service Partners (NSPs)
Natural rate of unemployment NIOSH Non-Tariff Barrier (NTB)
Need for Achievement (nAch) Node Nonverbal communication
Need for Affiliation (nAff) Nominal Group Technique Normal Distribution
Need for power (nPow) Non- numeric Selection Models Normal good
Need Non-bio Degradable Normal time
Need-satisfaction approach Nonconvertible Currencies Normative ethics
Negative enforcement Non-cybernetic Control System Norms
Negative Entropy Nondurable goods Not-for-profit Organizations
Negotiation Nonparametric Tests Numeric Selection Model
Neighborhood business district (NBD) Non-production Goods