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Glossary O
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Object code Operating strategies Order shipped complete
Object Operating system Order taking
Objective and task budgeting Operation code Order-to-cash cycle
Objective and task method Operation Organic Structure
Objectives Operational Employees Organization Chart
Object-oriented database (OODB) Operational feasibility Organization Design
Object-Oriented language Operational flexibility Organization Structure
Observational research Operational Plans Organization
Obsolescence Loss Operational system Organizational behavior
Obsolescing Bargain Theory Operational transportation decisions Organizational buying process
Odd pricing Operations Management Organizational culture
Office automation Operations Research Organizational design
Office Automation System (OAS) Operations strategy Organizational development (OD)
Off-invoice allowances Operations Support System (OSS) Organizational feasibility
Off-price retailers Operations system Organizational learning
Off-the- job training Operations Organizational market
Ogive Opportunity cost Organizational mission
Oligopoly Opportunity Factors Organizational Planning
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Opportunity Loss Organizational slack
On-line database Opportunity Organizational structure
Online output Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Organizing
Online Processing Optical disks Orientation
Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) Optical Fibre Outbound logistics
Online Optical scanner Outdoor advertising
On-pack promotions Optimal quality Outplacement Firm
On-the-job training Optimistic Time Outpost facility
Open market operations Optimization analysis Output
Open Profiles Standards (OPS) Optimized production technology (OPT) Outputs
Open system ORB (Object Request Broker) Outside Money
Open Wire Transmission Medium Order fill rate Outsourcing
Open-Ended Class Order fulfillment Over stored market area
Open-ended questionnaire Order getting Overall Change Control
Operant conditioning Order lead-time Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)
Operating Characteristic Curve Order management systems Overt Ethical Problems
Operating cycle Order processing Overview audit
Operating Resource Procurement