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Glossary P page 1
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Paasche Method Peripherals Devices Post controls
Packet Switching Technology or 2.5G Personal communication Post transaction services
Packet switching Personal Digital Assistant Poster panel
Packet Personal Identification Number (PIN) Posterior Probability
Page Personal selling Posters
Paired comparison Personality traits Post-test
Palm Print Recognition Personalization Applications Power Distance
Panel interview Persuasion Power Needs
Parameters Values Pessimistic Time Precedence Diagram Method (PDM)
Parameters Photomatic storyboards Precedence diagram
Parasite store Physiological Needs Precision
Parliamentary System Physiological tests Predatory pricing
Parta system Piping Predatory unions
Partially integrated vertical marketing system Planned Change Predecessor task
Participant observation Planned order receipts Predetermined standards
Participative management Planning mode Predictable variability
Participative style Planning Predictive maintenance
Partnership Plan Pre-emptive strategy
Pascal PMIS Preliminary interviews
Passive or Dependent Internationalization Point Estimate Preliminary layout
Path time Point of Purchase Devices (POP) Premiums
Path Point-of-purchase (POP) materials Prepaid expenses
Path-goal Theory Poison Pills Presence synergies
Payback Period Poisson Distribution Prestige pricing
Pay-off Policies Pre-test
Payout planning Political behavior Pretesting
Penetration pricing Political elements Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
People Pill Political environment Preventive Controls
Perceived quality Political Risk Analysis Preventive maintenance (PM)
Perceived risk Political Risk Assessment Price discrimination
Percentage markups Political Risk Price elasticity of demand
Percentage of sales method Political tasks Price fixing
Percentage Relative Political unions Price Index
Percentiles Polycentric Approach Price leadership
Perception Polycentric Staffing Model Price lining
Perfectly elastic demand Population Price sensitivity
Perfectly inelastic demand Pop-under ads Price war
Performance appraisal Pop-up ads Price
Performance based compensation Portable Primary activities
Performance evaluation Portals Primary data
Performance management systems Portfolio Investments Primary key
Performance measures Portfolio strategy approach Primary storage
Performance Outcome Portfolio tests Primary trade area
Performance Reporting Positioning strategy Principle of diminishing marginal utility
Performance shares Positioning Principle of Diminishing Returns
Performance standards Positive discipline Priority report
Periodic maintenance Positive enforcement Private brand