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Glossary R
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R&D Consortia Regional Trade Agreements Retail promotion
R&D Limited Partnerships (RDLP) Regression Line Retail selling
Radio frequency (RF) Regression model Retailer
Radio frequency identification (RFID) Regression Retailing
Random access memory (RAM) Regulation Return Material Authorization (RMA)
Random or Probability Sampling Regulatory elements Return on investment (ROI)
Random Variable Regulatory Environment Return on investment pricing
Range Reilly's law of retail gravitation Return on net worth
Rank Correlation Coefficient Reintermediation Returns avoidance
Rank Correlation Relatedness Needs Returns management
Rate base Relational Data Structure Returns
Ratio Analysis Relational database Revenue center
Rational Model Relationship marketing Reverse auction
Rationalization Relative Frequency Distribution Reverse channels
Reactive marketing Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Reverse cultural shock
Read-only memory (ROM) Reorder point Reverse Distribution or Reverse Logistics
Realtime Reorder quantity Reverse engineering
Rebate Representative Sample Revitalization
Rebus layout Request for proposal (RFP) Revolutionary unions
Receiver Requirements document Reward management
Recession Requisitioning applications Risk Avoidance
Reciprocal Interdependency Research and development (R&D) Risk Identification
Reciprocity Resellers Risk Management
Recovery Resonance strategy Risk Mitigation
Recruitment Resource Planning Risk Quantification
Recursion Response modeling techniques Risk Response Controls
Recycling Responsibility center Risk Response Development
Red hot stove rule Responsibility structure Risk Response
Redundancy Responsive Supply Chains Risk Symptoms
Redundant array of inexpensive disks Restart/recovery systems Risk Transfer
Reengineering Restraining Forces Risk
Reference group Restructuring Role conflict
Reformist unions Results measure Role playing
Refreezing Retail entrepreneur Role(s)
Refrigerated warehouse Retail information system (RIS) Router
Refurbishing Retail Management System (RMS) Routing
Regeneration Retail market strategy Rupee markups
Regional shopping center Retail market