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Glossary S page 1
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Safety Inventory Selection Significant factors
Safety Needs Selective distortion Silo Effect
Safety program Selective exposure Simple Random sample
Safety Stock Selective retention Simple Random Sampling
Sales analysis Self regulated development program Simulated test marketing
Sales area index (SAI) Self Service Simulation exercises
Sales branches Self-actualization Needs Simulation tests
Sales contests Self-actualization Simulation
Sales Force Automation (SFA) Self-appraisal Single-Party System
Sales forecast Self-discipline Single-source data
Sales lead Self-efficacy Single-use Plans
Sales management Self-esteem Site selection process
Sales officers Self-managed work teams Situational Leadership Theory
Sales per hour Selling agents Situational tests
Sales potential Selling time Skill variety
Sales promotion agencies Selling-chain Applications Skim pricing
Sales promotion Selling-chain Management SKIMS (Secretariat Knowledge Information Management System)
Sales response Sell-through analysis Slack (slack time)
Sales support personnel Semi structured interview Slicing and Dicing
Sales-oriented objectives Sender Slogan
Sample Space Sensitivity Analysis Slope
Sample Sensitivity training Slotting allowances
Sampling Distribution Separate store approach Slotting fees
Sampling Error Separatist view Smart Card
Sampling Sequential Interdependency Social Audit
Saturated market area Server Certificates Social classes
Saving function Service capability analysis Social contract
Saving Service Management Tools Social Cost Benefit Analysis
Scalability Service mark Social Cost
Scalar Principle Service motivation Social elements
Scatter Diagram Service quality standards Social environment
Schedule Development Service sector Social indicators
Schedule Risk Services Social information systems
Scheduling Severance pay Social marketing
Scientific Management Share repurchase Social Mobility
Scope Change Control Shell Social psychology
Scope Definition Shipment scheduling Social responsibility
Scope Planning Shopping goods Social Responsiveness
Scope Verification Shopping products Social Structure
Scope Short run Socialist Economy
Search engine Short-Range Objectives Socialization
Seasonal discount Shrinkage Sociocultural influences
Secondary business district (SBD) Sidebar ads Socio-technical approach
Secondary Data Sign Software audits
Secondary trade area Signature Verification Software Piracy
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Significance Level Software suites

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