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Glossary T
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Tactical coordination Territorial restrictions Trade shows


Tactical Goals Test marketing Trade union
Tactical planning Testimonial Trademark
Takeovers Tests of controls Trading company
Tall Structure The benevolent authoritative style Traditional Organizational Structure
Tapered integration Theoretically-based targets Training
Tapping Theory of corporate moral excellence Trait theories of leadership
Target costing Theory X Transaction
Target market Theory Y Transaction Exposure
Tariff Jumping Hypothesis Theory Z Transaction Integrity
Tariff Third party logistics (TPL or 3PL) Transaction Processing System (TPS)
Task identity Third-party Aggregators Transaction services
Task significance Third-party services Transactional leaders
Task Three Phase Internationalization Model Transfer price
Tax Credit (with progression) Method Threshold effect Transfer Pricing
TCP/IP Ticketing and marking Transfer
Team appraisals Tiered production Transformational leaders
Team building Time Fences Transformations
Team Development Time series analysis Transit stock
Team Time Series Translation Exposure
Technical audit Time Stamping Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
Technical Risk Time-sharing Transnational Mentality
Technical salespeople Top-down planning Transnational Organization
Technical Skills Total cost concept Transportation management systems
Technocrats Total cost Transportation management
Technological environment Total factor productivity Transportation planning module
Technological implementation Total Float Trend analysis
Technology Convergence Total preventive maintenance (TPM) Trend
Technology licensing Total quality control (TQC) Trusted Third Party (TTP)
Technology Transfer Total Quality Management TrustPoint
Technology Toyota production system Turnaround
Tee Tracking studies Turnkey Project
Telecommunications Trade allowances Twisted Pair Cabling
Telecommuting Trade area analysis Two-Party System
Telemarketing Trade area Two-step bidding
Teleological theories Trade deficit Two-tier tender offer
Teleologists Trade discounts Two-way Communication
Television home shopping Trade Mark Tying agreements
Tell tag Trade marts Tying contract
Template Trade promotions Tying
Temporal resources Trade sales promotions Type I Error
Term insurance Trade selling Type II Error