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Vol 1, Issue 01, February 2019
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Business Strategy
A leading music-streaming platform player is disrupting the global music industry by not only altering the way people listened to music, but also changing the way artists reached out to fans.
Spotify: Disrupting the Global Music Industry
A leading food and beverage player’s lackluster performance in the recent past. What ails Campbell Soup?
Campbell Soup Company in Trouble
An online marketplace and hospitality service provider’s  adoption of ‘Design Thinking’, a practice which valued the user experience above everything else.
Design Thinking-Key to Airbnb’s Success
The challenges faced by a subscription-based meal kit delivery startup as it accelerated into a bigger company.
Blue Apron Inc.: Success and Challenges
The competition between two German discount chains in the US puts massive pressure on their rivals who were forced to drop prices.
Aldi Vs Lidl in US: Who will lead the Grocery Retail Disruption?

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