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Vol 1, Issue 01, February 2019
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Human Resource Mgmt.
The world’s largest package delivery company’s shift in recruitment strategies with focus mainly on social media.
United Parcel Service (UPS): Recruiting Talent through Social Media
A leading US airline company’s  change in policies aimed at improving customer experience.
Policy Changes at United Airlines: Can it Make the Skies Friendly Again?
An online marketplace and hospitality service provider’s initiatives aimed at improving employee experience which saw the company being ranked first in the list of ‘Best Place to Work’ in the US.
Employee Experience at Airbnb
A leading US coffeehouse chain’s collaboration with leading civil rights experts, anti-bias training experts, and minority rights experts for developing the racial bias training program.
Racial Bias Training at Starbucks
The human resource practices at a supermarket chain in the US with a motto of employees first, customers second.
Wegmans: HR Practices and Culture

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