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Vol 1, Issue 01, February 2019
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A leading Greek yogurt manufacturer’s reinvention strategy to protect its place in the highly competitive yogurt market.
Chobani: Reinventing to Re-disrupt the Yogurt Market?
An advertising campaign of a Netherlands-based beverage company to showcase that people with polarized views could also open up and connect with each other.
Heineken: Worlds Apart!
The rivalry between two leading players in the US ride sharing space and their future strategies.
Lyft Vs Uber: Is Lyft Being ‘Woke’ Enough to Beat Uber?
Marketing a specialized feminine garment aimed at tackling a social problem.
goodfeel-A Specialized Feminine Garment for Tackling a Social Problem
A leading global food company’s marketing and promotional strategies to revive a brand in India.
Repositioning Maggi in India

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