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Vol 1, Issue 03, Aug 2019
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Our Best Selling Cases
We looked at the cases that sold the most in Q1 FY20 and we provide below the Top 5 cases in each category
Human Resource Mgmt.
HRM0047P Internal Branding and HRM at Virgin
HROB103 Cirque du Soleil's Human Resource Management Practices
HROB175 Cirque Du Soleil's Global Human Resource Management Practices
HROB185 Alphabet Inc: Reorganizing Google
HROB130 Sony Corporation: Future Tense?
MKTG373 IKEA’s International Marketing Strategy in China
MKTG357 Johnson & Johnson and Its Baby Powder Problem
MKTG008 The Nirma Story
MKTG363 'Game of Thrones' TV Series: HBO's Integrated Marketing Strategy
MKTG330 Taco Bell: Using Social Media to Target Millennials
LDEN089 Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Google, Inc.
LDEN109 Championing Sustainability and Responsible Capitalism: Paul Polman at Unilever
LDEN007 Louis v Gerstner Jr - the Man Who Turned IBM Around
ITSY091 Big Data Strategy of Procter & Gamble: Turning Big Data into Big Value
ITSY075 Netflix: Leveraging Big Data to Predict Entertainment Hits
ITSY077 Amazon’s Big Data Strategy
ITSY089 Airbnb: A Disruptive Innovator
ITSY045 ERP Implementation Failure at HP
Business Strategy
BSTR332 Wal-Mart's Foray in Brazil
BSTR487 The Turnaround Plan of McDonald’s: A Long Way to Go
BSTR408 McDonald’s Success Story in Brazil
BSTR527 Innovation: The Recipe for Chipotle's Success
BSTR454 LEGO: Turnaround Through Disciplined Innovation
Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
BECG071 BP: Putting Profits Before Safety?
BENV035 Petrobras Scandal: Brazil's Biggest Corruption Case
BENV033 Google in China - The Reentry Dilemma
BECG067 The Body Shop: Social Responsibility or Sustained Greenwashing?
BECG128 IKEA in Russia: Ethical Dilemmas
Operations Mgmt.
OPER114 Better Cotton Initiative at IKEA: Bringing Sustainability into the Textile Supply Chain
OPER079 Fostering Innovation: Wipro Technologies’ Innovation Framework
OPER122 Zara: Future Ready?
OPER102 Supply Chain Management of PepsiCo
OPER090 Velib: Paris's Public Bike Sharing System
FINC081 Facebook's IPO and Future Growth Strategies
FINC127 Efficient Market Hypothesis: Evidence from Bonus Issue
FM0012 Cost of Equity: A CAPM Approach
FINC053 The Fall of Bear Stearns
FINC025 The Fall of Barings Bank

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