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Vol 1, Issue 03, Aug 2019
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Chinese Tech Giants: Selected Case Studies
The Chinese Tech Giants are disrupting established industry models. These tech giants are impacting companies in the West and may soon force them out of the vertical industry structure toward horizontal, experience-based business models. China, which dominated the manufacturing industry for decades, is now set to disrupt the services industry. The Chinese Tech Giants with the help of well-crafted strategy are owning the consumer mindshare.
Vol . I Vol . II
In Vol I, we have 5 case studies on Chinese tech giants – Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Didi Chuxing and WeChat. These case studies touch upon big data strategy, business model, global expansion strategy and challenges and opportunities for the tech giants.    In Vol II, we have 5 case studies on Baidu, Ctrip.com, Liu Qiangdong (the man behind JD.Com), LeEco and Tujia.Com. These case studies touch upon technology-focused growth, competition in the Chinese online retail space, and creating an ecosystem for the tech giants.
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