Workshop Brochure

About the Workshop

Case method is a teaching approach that combines the real-life business situations with academic and theoretical frameworks. Case studies have proved to engage the learners,develop their analytical and thinking skills, and also help them understand the theory behind the case, all at the same time. In major universities, institutions, and corporate training departments the world over, the case study method is being used extensively.

IBS Hyderabad will organize the 4th International Case Study Conference on December 14-15, 2023. Participants will get an opportunity to present their case studies on the theme: Embracing Sustainability in Business and receive feedback from a panel of case method experts and award-winning case authors. The pre-conference workshop on case writing and case teaching to be conducted on August 02-04, 2023 seeks to expose the participants to the basics of writing cases and how to go about writing cases. The workshop will cover different steps involved in writing a case from selecting the topic for the case, searching for the data, getting the right data, forming a structure of a case, and finally writing a case study. Cases selected for presentation during the 4th International Case Study Conference on December 14-15, 2023 will have an opportunity to be published at The Case Centre or an indexed journal. The Workshop will also expose the participants to key aspects of case methodology of teaching. The sessions in the workshop will be conducted by acclaimed award-winning case writers and faculty members from different functional areas with significant experience in using the case study method.

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