Samsung - The Making of a Global Brand*



Case Code : CLBS025
Publication date : 2004
Subject : Business Strategy
Industry : Consumer Electronics
Length : 03 Pages
Price : Rs. 50

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Key words:

Corporate advertising, brand campaign, Internet marketing, brand awareness, web traffic

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The case explores Samsung’s brand building initiatives for transforming itself into a global brand. The company’s product initiatives and advertising campaigns for boosting its brand image worldwide are described in detail


 » The marketing strategies adopted by a Company aspiring to become a global brand.
 » The factors that must be taken into account when a domestic company wants to undertake global brand building initiatives
 » The role of advertising in brand building across the globe


In 1997, Samsung launched its first corporate advertising campaign – Nobel Prize Series. This ad was aired in nine languages across Europe, Middle East, Latin America and CIS.

The advertisement showed a man (representing a Nobel Prize Laureate) passing through one scene to another and as the man passes through different scenes, Samsung products transform into more advanced models.

According to company sources, the idea was to give out message that Samsung uses Nobel Prize Laureates’ ideas for making its products. Samsung also signed an agreement with Nobel Prize foundation to sponsor Nobel Prize Series, worldwide.

The program was developed by Nobel Foundation, Sweden to spread achievements of the Nobel Prize Laureates. In 1999, Samsung unveiled a new campaign in the US with a new brand slogan – ‘Samsung DIGITall: Everyone’s invited’ on the eve of its 30th anniversary....

Questions for Discussion:

1. Narrate how the objective behind Samsung’s advertising campaigns shifted over a period of time?

2. Do you think its advertising campaign helped Samsung in positioning itself better in the market?