Himalaya Drug Company - Branding Ayurveda*



Case Code : CLBS026
Publication date : 2004
Subject : Business Strategy
Industry : Personal care Products Industry
Length : 03 Pages
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Key words:

brand ambassador, product development, advertisement campaign

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The case examines the marketing strategies adopted by the leading Indian herbal healthcare company Himalaya Drug Company (HDC) in the late-1990s, particularly the advertisement campaign for its personal care product range ‘Ayurvedic Concepts.’


 » Understand the issues involved in building the brand image of a product like Ayurvedic Concepts and the role of advertising in building the brand image.
 » Understand the pros and cons of umbrella branding for a company.


In 1999, the leading Indian herbal health care company, Himalaya Drug Company (HDC) launched an advertisement campaign for its range of personal care products branded ‘Ayurvedic Concepts.’ The Rs 120 million campaign was extensively covered by the electronic and print media.

The television commercials (TVCs) for the brand featured an unusual brand ambassador. Indians, who were used to advertisements featuring celebrities from the world of movies/sports, and young, good-looking models, watched in amusement an old, ‘grandmotherly’ lady promoting the brand.

According to the marketing research conducted by Himalaya Drug Company (HDC), most consumers perceived Ayurveda as an age-old branch of medicine, which was revered but not accepted as being reliable for treating ailments. Thus, the two major tasks for HDC in India were to establish an image for itself and promote the message that Ayurveda was as modern and vibrant a science as any other.....

Questions for Discussion:

1. Describe why HDC chose ‘Dadima’ as a protogonist? Desribe also how they faced a problem in projecting and how did they over come the problem?

2. Write briefly about how HDC reached its target market and the difficulties it faced in selling ayurvedic products?