‘Q Jam’ – The New Advertising Tool



Case Code : CLMC-024
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Marketing Communications
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Key words:

Real Image Media Technologies, Qube Cinema, Q-Jam, Jukebox, Café Coffee Day, Amorettos, Enrique Iglesias, Focused communication, Expressions, Hutch, Portugal and DTS.


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This caselet examines the promotion of Q-Jam, an innovative music jukebox developed by Real Image Media Technologies. This caselet also throws light on the salient features of the music jukebox. The caselet highlights the interesting advertising option presented by the jukebox to advertisers. Finally, it describes ways by which retail chains like Café Coffee Day and Amorettos increased their revenues and profited from installing the ‘Q-Jam’ at their outlets.


  » Role of mass media advertising
  » Using television ads for a high-end IT product
  » Price and Promotional offers in the IT industry


Real Image Media Technologies (Real Image) is a media technology company that focuses on the development of technology for the entertainment industry. It has successfully marketed the DTS system in India. Real Image bagged an order recently to upgrade cinemas in Portugal with its indigenously developed software “Qube Cinema’. Real Image has introduced a new device ‘Q-Jam’ that played songs and also acted as an advertising medium.

Q-Jam, promoted by South Beach, the software division of Real Image Media Technologies, is an innovative hard-disk based music jukebox that is controlled by the user through a touch-screen interface. It even reports back to a central server. The server has a database of around 7,000 songs from English, Hindi, and other vernacular languages and is constantly updated with the latest songs. It can also be used as an advertising medium as ad campaigns and promotions can be played in between the songs using a virtual video jockey.

Questions for Discussion:

1. Briefly describe the approach followed by Real Image in its promotion of Q-Jam.

2. Despite the retailers investing their money on FM Radios, music systems, and cassettes, how did Real Image pitch its communication plan to convince them to invest in Q-Jam? Also explain the rationale of the company in tying up with MTV to promote Q-Jam.