Promoting Generic Products in India



Case Code : CLMC-031
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Marketing Communications
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Key words:

National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC), Indian Tea Association (ITA), Commodity Products, Indian Steel Association (ISA), Commodity Advertising, Generic Category Promotion, ‘Got Milk?’, Attitudinal Blocks, American Health Foundation, O&M and Bird Flu disease.


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The caselet provides an overview of generic category promotions in India and some of the key generic category promotions carried out over the years. The caselet focuses on the objectives of these campaigns and the factors that led to various industry associations like Indian Steel Association and Indian Tea Association, to take up such initiatives.


  » Promoting commodity products
  » Generic category promotions and its relevance in India
  » Challenges in executing generic category promotions


The Indian advertising agencies have started getting different set of clients seeking their advertising services -- the industry associations of various commodity products. Though the Indian market is not new to this kind of commodity advertising, (having already been exposed to the National Egg Coordination Committee’s (NECC) promotional campaigns for eggs way back in 1983) generic category promotion is more prevalent in international markets.

Since the late 1990s, the Indian advertising market has seen a number of commodity products being promoted in a big way. The World Gold Council (WGC), Platinum Guild of India (PGI), Indian Tea Association (ITA) and the Indian Steel Association (ISA) were some of the prominent advertisers. The classic example for commodity advertising is the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign developed for the milk producers in the US.

Questions for Discussion:

1. What are the major reasons behind the use of generic category promotions by Industry associations like ITA? Is there a need for generic category promotions when individual companies can promote their brands and raise consumption levels?

2. Steel as a product is indirectly used by the end-consumers. In this context will the Indian Steel Association’s “The magic of steel. It's everywhere” campaign achieve its objectives? What difficulties do advertisers face in developing ad campaigns for such commodity products?