Expanding the Soya Market in India - ‘Nutrela’ Targets Mothers of Growing Children



Case Code : CLMC-037
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Marketing Communications
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Key words:

Ruchi Soya, Nutrela, Textured Soya Proteins (TSP), Nutrition, Ambience Publicis, Eating Habits, American Soya Association, Ready-to-Cook Soya Granules, Pro-Flo, Pro Gro, Research International and ACNielsen.


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The caselet talks about the target marketing efforts of Ruchi Soya Industries (Ruchi), to promote its soya meal brand Nutrela to mothers of growing children. The caselet focuses on the market research study undertaken by the company prior to the development of a marketing communications to increase consumer awareness and change eating habits. It also describes the different marketing communications methods adopted by Ruchi. Finally, the caselet delves on Ruchi’s product line and the future product launches planned by the company.


  » Promoting soya products
  » Selection of target audience in marketing communication planning
  » Positioning analysis for a brand
  » Consumer research and target marketing


Nutrela, the Rs 1.2 bn brand synonymous with textured soya proteins (TSP), was launched in 1979-80 by Ruchi Soya (Ruchi) Industries. Ruchi, which was established in 1969-70, is the market leader in the soya food segment with the ‘Nutrela’ brand having more than a 50 percent market share . The company was initially interested in soya oil extraction where soya meal was a byproduct.

When the company identified that the nutritional levels among Indians were low, that a major portion of the population was vegetarian, and that protein rich foods like almonds were out of reach of the common man, it felt that soya meal as a protein rich food and at low cost would find a good market in India. Initially, Nutrela was marketed in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, since there was more awareness about soyabeans, in the form of soya chunks.

Questions for Discussion:

1. Ruchi decided to target the mother’s of kids as part of its new marketing communication strategy. Evaluate the target audience selection of Ruchi in this context.

2. Positioning analysis is a major element in the situational analysis stage of the marketing communication planning process. Based on a situational analysis, the company positioned Nutrela on the health and nutrition platform. Do you think this positioning will help the company in expanding and dominating the soya food segment?