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Publication date : 2008
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In mid-2005, one of India's leading IT companies, HCL, realized that despite being a dominant player in the IT sector, its decision to keep a low-profile until then had resulted in other companies in the sector becoming more visible. It initiated the 'Project Heartbeat' in 2005 aimed at creating a unified HCL brand. As part of the project, a global branding initiative was launched in three phases, the latest being the 'Technology that touches lives' campaign.


   Marketing communication


In early 2008, HCL Enterprise (HCL), one of the leading information technology companies in India, launched a new TV commercial aimed at showcasing its technology prowess. The ad was a sequel to the 'Technology that touches lives' campaign launched the previous year.

The company, which considered itself "India's original garage IT start-up" as it had more than a three decade heritage in this sunshine sector, felt that the new ad campaign would help reinforce its positioning as an innovative company that had used technology to improve the quality of people's lives.

Questions for Discussion:
1. After so many years of operations, why did HCL feel the need to launch a branding communication campaign in mid-2000s? Discuss.
2. Critically analyze HCL's branding campaigns from 2005 to 2008.

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