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On January 7, 2008, Xerox Corporation (Xerox) unveiled its new logo with the aim of creating a new brand identity for itself and to present before its customers the picture of a transformed Xerox. The new animated logo was a refreshing change from the old signature wordmark "Xerox" in terms of design and display features. It justified all the good aspects of Xerox of today - innovative, flexible, approachable, and vibrant. However, a few critics were apprehensive about Xerox's rebranding initiatives and its efforts to revive its business. However, the company planned to undertake in depth rebranding initiatives in a bid to evolve its brand image as an innovative company.


   Corporate branding


On January 7, 2008, Xerox Corporation (Xerox), a leading document management technology and services enterprise, unveiled its new logo as part of its rebranding strategy. The company decided to go in for the rebranding exercise in a bid to reshape its image from being a photocopier to being an innovation company...

Questions for Discussion:
1. What is the rationale behind Xerox's rebranding exercise?

2. Critically analyze the brand repositioning efforts made by Xerox. Do you think brand repositioning would help Xerox change its image of being a photocopier to an innovative company?

3. Do you think the new logo of Xerox will be instrumental in bringing about a change in the perception of consumers about the company? What else needs to be done?

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