Adidas Launches 'Me, Myself' Campaign in Singapore



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Publication date : 2009
Subject : Marketing Communications
Industry : Footwear and Apparels
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Key words:

Adidas, brand philosophy, marketing communication, motivation, public relations, product line, print media, outdoor advertising, social networking


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On February 4, 2009 Adidas Group launched a 'Me, Myself' campaign in Singapore. The campaign marked Adidas' shift in brand philosophy with an increased focus on women. The campaign featured real women alongside eminent celebrities in a bid to promote Adidas' range of products for women. The campaign highlighted its focus on women across all communications. The campaign was publicized through the print media, television, the Internet, and outdoor advertising.


   Marketing communication
   Marketing Campaign


In February 2009, Germany-based sports goods, apparel, and footwear manufacturer, the Adidas Group (Adidas), launched a 'Me, Myself' campaign for promoting its range of sports gear for women in Singapore. This campaign which featured 'real women' was part of Adidas' global 'Me, Myself' campaign that was launched at Seoul, Korea, in February 2009...

Questions for Discussion:
1. Discuss the rationale behind the launch of "Me, Myself" campaign by Adidas in Singapore.

2. Critically analyze the marketing communication strategy adopted by Adidas.

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