Internal Marketing to the Sales Force



Case Code : CLMC054
Publication date : 2009
Subject : Marketing Communications
Industry : Pharmaceutical
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In today's highly volatile market, the importance of internal marketing to the sales force has increased. This is of even more significance in industries that rely heavily on the sales force such as the pharmaceutical industry. Companies are trying to get their sales force on board as they are the ones executing the strategies of the company on the field.


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  » Internal marketing
  » Motivating the sales force
  » Partnering with the field


Smart marketers have always known that marketing to people within the company is at least as important as marketing to the end customer. This aspect has attained even more significance in today's highly competitive marketing environment and experts feel that in this new milieu, it is very important that everyone in the organization embraces the appropriate marketing orientation.

Questions for Discussion:

1. Explain the significance of internal marketing to the sales force. What are the advantages?

2. Do you think the ‘Plavix Plan of Action Premiere’ by the Plavix marketers will help the marketers achieve their objective? How?

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