Growth of the Digital Camera Market in India



Case Code : CLMM006
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Marketing Management
Industry : Consumer Durables
Length : 04 Pages
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Digital Camera, Polaroid, Kodak, Fuji. Photography, Film Roll, Canon, Imaging, Sony, Memory Stick, Battery Technology


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The caselet provides an overview of the digital camera market in India. It examines the factors that helped digital cameras register a higher sales growth rate than roll-based analog cameras. The caselet outlines the challenges and problems that hinder the growth of digital cameras in India. Finally, it gives a brief description of the global status of digital cameras.


   Digital camera market in India
   Product life cycle and marketing mix
   New product development


The imaging industry is changing rapidly with digital technology being widely adopted. Digital cameras are replacing traditional roll-based analog cameras. They are making inroads into both the consumer and professional segments of the Indian photography market.

Digital cameras are even finding acceptance among segments such as professional photographers at tourist places. These photographers are major users of Polaroid cameras (used for instant photography). The average cost of developing a roll of 10 is Rs 300 and they price a photo in the range of Rs 40-Rs 50.

Thus they make a profit of Rs 15 on each photo. But the use of digital cameras brings their cost down to Rs 15 and so their profits increase. Not surprising then that these photographers are now replacing their Polaroid cameras with digital cameras...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Identify the Product Life Cycle stage that the digital camera is in. What kind of marketing strategies do digital camera manufacturers need to adopt?

2. What kind of marketing-mix needs to be adopted by film-based camera manufacturers to help the market grow?