Short Messaging Service (SMS) - Emerging Tool for Advertisers



Case Code : CLMM029
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Marketing Management
Industry : Advertising
Length : 04 Pages
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The caselet examines prominence of short messaging service (SMS) as a marketing communication tool among Indian advertisers. The caselet gives a description of the various objectives for which SMS campaigns are being used by advertisers. It discusses some of the prominent SMS campaigns launched by the Indian advertisers. Finally, it outlines the pitfalls and disadvantages associated with the use of SMS as a marketing communication tool.


   SMS as a marketing communication tool
   Objectives of marketing communication campaigns
   Design and implementation of SMS advertising campaigns
   Challenges and disadvantages of SMS advertising


The short messaging service (SMS) has emerged as a new marketing tool that companies can use to promote their products. The growing mobile phone population and usage has prompted companies to choose SMS as the new medium for marketing.

The list of companies using this medium includes top FMCG companies, television channels and small enterprises.

Mobile advertising has become a viable option because of the coverage it provides. There are an estimated 17 million mobile phone users. A major percentage of them belong to the middle class and above, and can be a good target segment for the companies. The popularity of SMS among the customers is also another reason why companies choose this media...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Why are companies using mobile advertising extensively?

2. In what ways can the companies use mobile advertising in their media mix?