Tropicana Backtracks on its Package Redesign



Case Code : CLMM047
Publication date : 2009
Subject : Marketing Management
Industry : Beverage
Length : 05 Pages
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Key words:

Tropicana Pure Premium, orange juice, rebranding, redesign, packaging, Pepsi, social media


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This short case study discusses Tropicana’s adoption and subsequent abandonment of a new carton design for Tropicana Pure Premium, its flagship line of fruit juices, as part of a rebranding exercise in early 2009. Tropicana Pure Premium sales fell 20% within six weeks of the introduction of the new design, before the company reverted to its old packaging. The case also discusses some of the measures which the company undertook to reduce the adverse impact of the redesign on the company’s brand image.


  » Rebranding
  » Packaging design
  » Social media and marketing


On February 23, 2009, Tropicana Products, Inc. (Tropicana), a subsidiary of PepsiCo, Inc. (Pepsi) , announced that it was dropping the new carton design for Tropicana Pure Premium, its flagship line of fruit juices, and reverting to the old design. The company took the decision after encountering severe criticism from customers who were displeased with the new carton design...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Based on this incident, in your opinion, how critical is packaging design in branding? How does packaging contribute to branding? Give examples.

2. Was Tropicana too quick to bow to the wishes of a small but vocal minority of its customers and scrap the redesigned cartons? What other options could the company have considered?

3. In your opinion, adding up all the pluses and minuses from the incident, did Tropicana gain, or lose, overall? Explain.

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