Yahoo's 'It's Y!ou' Marketing Campaign



Case Code : CLMM050
Publication date : 2009
Subject : Marketing Management
Industry : Internet Services
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Key words:

Yahoo!, "It's Y!ou", Anthem, Yahoo! Mail, marketing campaign, multichannel campaign, advertising campaign


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In September 2009, Yahoo!, Inc. (Yahoo) launched its first-ever global marketing campaign, with the slogan "It's Y!ou." Through the campaign, the company claimed that its website personalized the web to suit each user's preferences. The multichannel campaign set to run for 15 months, and was expected to cost around US$ 100 million. While some analysts felt that such a campaign was needed to redefine Yahoo's brand image, others felt that it was too vague and the money could have better been spent on research and development.


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  » Re-defining Brand Image.


On September 28, 2009, Yahoo!, Inc. (Yahoo) launched its first-ever global marketing campaign, with the slogan “It's Y!ou.” The company claimed that the new campaign was based on the idea that Yahoo was personally relevant to each user (or “Y!ou”, in Yahoo’s terms) and enabled him to personalize the web according to his own needs...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Critically evaluate Yahoo's ad campaign. In your opinion, would it (have) succeed(ed) in achieving the company's objectives? Elaborate. Or, as one critic said, is it "more likely a sign of desperation than it is a sign of confidence"?

2. What else can Yahoo do to promote its services and products?

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