Online Advertising in India - The MSN India and NDTV Media Tie-Up



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The article discusses about online advertising in India and the strategic partnership between MSN India and NDTV, NDTV would represent MSN India, to its advertisers. The television commercials would run on the left-most corner of, the home page of MSN India. It also discusses that the Internet and Mobile association of India (IAMAI) reported that the internet users have increased from 25 million in 2004 to 38.5 million in November, MSN India had already received advertisements from brands like Windows media center, Sahara, Reid & Taylor, Punjab National Bank, GE country wide, India Today, and Alliance Insurance, It concludes with a discussion on introduction of innovative concepts such as desktop television.


On December 19, 2005, MSN India and NDTV Media (NDTV) announced a strategic partnership that was a novel initiative in the Indian online advertising space. As per the deal, NDTV would represent MSN India, to its advertisers, to advertise on the home page of MSN India (, MSN Search, MSN Hotmail, and other MSN properties.

This tie up, ranging anywhere between US$ 1 million and US$ 3.5 million, was considered as one of the biggest deals in marketing and advertising in India. Media experts opined that this was a novel initiative which had the potential to kickstart the nascent online advertising scene in India.

Rajnish, Head of Sales and Marketing, MSN India said, "MSN India has consciously decided to do away with pop-up ads and click-on advertising strategies that are tedious. The concept of desktop television is revolutionary."

The rate card which MSN India introduced would allow advertisers to buy time on the net rather than space, just like the way they do in television. Advertisers could run their advertisements on the internet in the same way as they were run on television...

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