The Gurjjar Agitation: Dilemma For The Policy Makers*



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Publication date : 2008
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Key words:

public policy, affirmative action, politics, conflict


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The Gurjjar agitation in the Western part of India (parrticularly in the Indian state of Rajasthan) had claimed many lives since 2007. The Gurjjar community was demanding Scheduled Tribe status for the community but the issue became a matter of debate as scholars held divergent views about the origins of the Gurjjars. The issue also took a political hue and posed a serious challenge for policy maker in India.


Public policy
Affirmative action


On May 23, 2008, five persons belonging to the Gurjjar community were killed in a violent conflict that broke out between state police and members of the community in the Bharatpur district of the Western Indian state of Rajasthan. The discontent among the Gurjjar community, which had led to this conflict, had been simmering since early 2007 over their demand for Schedule Tribe (ST) status. Conferment of ST status would make them eligible for certain concessions and benefits provided by the government...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Should the issue of inclusion of the Gurjjar community in the Scheduled Tribes category be corrected by political means? What will be the major consequences for Indian politics and society if the Gurjjars are enlisted in the Scheduled Tribes Category?
2. Is there a need to redefine the criteria for considering any community for inclusion in the Scheduled Tribes category?

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