Distribution Strategies of Foreign Educational Institutions in India*



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Publication date : 2005
Subject : Sales and Distribution
Industry : Education
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The caselet provides an overview of the Indian education market. It elaborates on the strategies of foreign educational institutions to increase their presence in the educational market in India. The caselet also examines how foreign educational institutions are using various distribution channels to market their services to Indian students.


Distribution channels for educational institutions
Role of marketing channels during the flow of product (or service) from manufacturer (or service provider) to end-consumer


The global education market was valued at US$2 trillion in 2004. However, with reduced government support and the fall in domestic student enrollments and globalization, many foreign universities tried to woo foreign students to fill the shortfall in revenues and students in their institutions.

India, being the second largest education system in the world, became a key market for these foreign educational institutions. As per the University Grants Commission statistics, the Indian education sector had grown from 30 universities in 1950-51 to 216 universities in 1996-97...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Foreign educational institutions consider India a lucrative market for their services. Discuss the distribution strategy that foreign educational institutions have adopted in India to expand their services and attract Indian students.

2. Foreign educational institutions have used various distribution channels to reach their target customers -- Indian students. Discuss the role of various marketing channels with reference to foreign educational institutions.