Information Technology Initiatives at Shoppers' Stop*



Case Code : CLSDM037
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Sales and Distribution
Industry : Retailing
Length : 04 Pages
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The caselet talks about how India's leading retailer Shoppers' Stop deployed Information Technology (IT) initiatives across the organization and discusses the various benefits that accrued to the company. The caselet also mentions reasons for Shoppers' Stop to adopt IT systems and presents an overview of the company's gradual expansion in India. It briefly discusses some hurdles encountered by the company in IT implementation and the various steps that it took to manage the IT system.


Impact of IT on retailing
Achieving customer satisfaction through IT


During early and mid-2000, according to analysts, the retail industry in India was growing at an impressive rate of around 30%. The growing competition in the organized retail industry had increased the need for efficient operations and good customer service.

The use of information technology in the organized segment of the retail industry had gained importance. India's leading retailer Shoppers' Stop Limited (SS) was one such retail chain that pioneered the use of Information Technology (IT) in its operations...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Explain how Information Technology helped Shoppers' Stop to manage its business activities like supply chain management and inventory management?

2. Shoppers' Stop is the first retailer in India to use Information Technology (IT) to automate both its core and non-core business activities. Do you think there is a need for retailers to spend huge amounts in deploying IT systems to run their businesses? Justify.