Corporate Catering by RKHS in India



Case Code : CLSM021
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Services Marketing
Industry : Catering
Length : 05 Pages
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The caselet discusses emerging trends of corporate catering in India with a focus on Radhakrishna Hospitality Services. It describes the growth of the company and its emphasis on high quality standards. The caselet discusses the company's initiatives in achieving operational efficiency and customization of services. Finally, the caselet outlines the company's entry into related markets and its future plans.


   Emerging trends in corporate catering services.
   Benefits of maintaining utmost service quality standards.
   Impact of operational efficiency in catering services.
   Service customization in services.


With the food service, restaurant, and catering industry in India growing rapidly, a large number of organized players in the restaurant and hotel industry have diversified into catering.

Many of the players have scaled up operations to meet demand and quality standards. Radhakrishna Hospitality Services (RKHS), one such player, offers world-class service to its corporate clients. With a strong workforce of around 8500, the company delivers over 150,000 meals every day, across 350 sites in 19 states across the country...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Providing quality service and paying attention to specific client needs have always been the priority for RKHS, according to its officials. To what extent do you think these aspects matter in the food service industry? How will they help the company retain its position in the market for years to come?

2. Operational efficiency is one of the most crucial elements for the success of catering organizations. How far do you think this statement holds good? What aspects should a food service company keep in mind to effectively manage its operations?