Cox and Kings - Service with a Difference



Case Code : CLSM029
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Services Marketing
Industry : Travel, tourism and hospitality
Length : 04 Pages
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Cox And Kings, Udaan, Spiritual Sojourn, Tour Operators, Tour Packages, Traveler, School Children, Holiday Packages


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This caselet discusses how Cox and Kings managed to create a niche in the travel industry by introducing new products for different customer segments. The other initiatives undertaken by Cox and Kings to make their services more efficient also form a part of this caselet. Finally, this caselet describes the value added services offered by the travel company to give comfort and convenience to the customer.


   Need for product innovation in tour and travel services.
   Importance of improving operational efficiency


Cox and Kings (CKS), one of the prominent tour operators of the world, was established way back in 1758 by Richard Cox when he was appointed regimental agent to the footguards of India. By early 20th century, the company was acting as an agent and banker for the armed forces.

In 1922, the company merged with the Henry S. King Bank, subsequent to which the banking business was sold. The travel business grew by leaps and bounds and in the early 21st century, CKS was operating various individual and group tours throughout India as well as abroad.

CKS offices abroad were known as Indian tour specialists in their respective markets and had destinations from the Indian sub-continent (amongst other destinations) in their product portfolio...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Cox and Kings (CKS) identified revenue sources by introducing new travel packages. Elaborate on this statement by discussing the niche targeting that CKS adopted for various segments in India.

2. To woo the convenience and comfort savvy customer, Cox and Kings introduced many value added services in its offerings. How have these served to help the Indian traveler in easing his/her travel plans and actual trip?