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CEAT - "Raising the Bar" with the New Logo Details CLMM075

YouTube LLC's Strategy in India Details CLMM074

Kraft Foods Inc. Observes Consumer Behavior as Prices Soar in the US Details CLMM073

Samsung's Strategy to Gain Market Share in The Indian Mobile Phone Market Details CLMM072

Battle for the Lavatory Care Market in India Gets Dirty Details CLMM071

The Mobile Phone's Emergence as The 'Fourth Screen' Details CLMM070

Organized Retailers in India Foraying into the Health and Wellness Market Details CLMM069

Marketing of Fairness Creams and the Question of Ethics Details CLMM068

Wal-Mart's Re-Branding Initiative Details CLMM067

Ovi: Nokia's Foray into Internet Services Details CLMM066

Nokia in Crisis Management Mode over Faulty 'Bl-5c' Batteries Details CLMM065

iShare: Rediff's Content Sharing Space Details CLMM064

Social Awareness Program to Boost Tourism in India Details CLMM063

Sunsilk Gang of Girls: A Case of Marketers Targetting Consumers through Emerging Media Channels Details CLMM062

Indian Tourism Industry Rides on the 'Incredible India' Campaign Details CLMM061

JetBlue Airways' Customer Service Fiasco Details CLMM060

Pharma Firms to Stop Gifts to Doctors: Is Self Regulation the Answer? Details CLMM059

Tata Motors: Serving an 'Ace' Details CLMM058

Apple Launches Fifth Avenue Retail Store Details CLMM057

Google and Sony - Buzz Marketing 'The DA VINCI CODE' Details CLMM056

Microsoft's "People-Ready" Campaign - Targeting IBM ? Details CLMM055

Google and the 'Click Fraud' Menace Details CLMM054

Online Advertising in India - The MSN India and NDTV Media Tie-Up Details CLMM053

Pepsi Forays into Apparel and Fashion Business in India Details CLMM052

The Oberoi Group of Hotels - Co-Branding and Re-Branding of the Trident Brand Details CLMM051

Yahoo's 'It's Y!ou' Marketing Campaign Details CLMM050

Levi's India Offers Jeans at EMIs Details CLMM049

Disney Stores: Going the Apple Way Details CLMM048

Tropicana Backtracks on its Package Redesign Details CLMM047

Amazon Kindle: Pricing Issues Details CLMM046

The KFC Coupon Fiasco Details CLMM045

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and the Indian Soft Drink Beverage Market Details CLMM044

Reliance ADAG Forays into Online Retail Business Details CLMM043

Blendtec's "Will it Blend?": A Viral Marketing Campaign Details CLMM042

Mobiledu: Nokia's Mobile Internet Innovation in China Details CLMM041

Virgin Galactic: Serial Entrepreneur Richard Branson's Space Travel Venture Details CLMM040

Changing Dynamics in the Shampoo Market in India Details CLMM039

Priceline's Pricing Strategy: Name Your Own Price (NYOP) & Beyond Details CLMM038

Pharmaceutical Marketing: Personalized Medicine Details CLMM037

Apple's Pricing Strategy for iPhone in the US Details CLMM036



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