McDonald’s enters E-commerce Space with Branded Merchandise
Indu Perepu
In December 2019, the world’s largest restaurant chain McDonald’s ventured into the e-commerce space by opening an online store Golden Arches Unlimited. This store carried merchandize based on the colors and iconography of McDonald’s and included products like T-shirts, journals, socks, hoodies, tote bags, meal pins, etc. These items were available exclusively on the GoldenArches website.

McDonald’s has been selling merchandise since the 1980s by partnering with various fashion brands. In 2007, it launched its own merchandise that was sold through McDelivery. As a part of the new e-commerce venture, McDonald’s sold seasonal products like sweaters, Christmas decoration ornaments, winter beanies, etc. (for the December season), apart from the regular merchandise.

The move appeared to be highly successful, as the website reported that within a day of launch some products like Journals and winter beanies were sold out. In February 2020, it launched scented candles in six scents inspired by ingredients of quarter pounder – bun, ketchup, pickle, cheese, onion and beef – commemorating the golden jubilee of quarter pounder.

McDonald’s foray into e-commerce was seen as the company’s attempt to establish itself as a lifestyle brand. The website would help the company get a better understanding of its loyal customers, and McDonald’s was expected to launch special offers for the loyal customers through this website.

By venturing into e-commerce, McDonald’s was following its competitors Taco Bell and KFC that have online presence and sold branded apparel and other items. Others like Dunkin Donuts were following the suit by launching websites to sell exclusive merchandise.


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