Case Studies in Information Technology & Systems - Vol. I


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Case 01 AIG's E-Business Risk Insurance Solutions

Case Volumes | Case Study Volumes in Information Technology & Systems - Vol. I

Case 02 BEA Weblogic - ‘Personalizing'the World Wide Web
Case 03 Dell.Com - Managing the Electronic Supply Chain Effectively
Case 04 Dow Chemicals'Customer-Centric E-Business Strategy
Case 05 ERP Implementation at BPCL
Case 06 ERP Implementation Failure at HP

Case Studies in Information Technology & Systems - Vol. I
22 Case Studies
263 pages, Paperback
Indian orders: 2500 Rupees

Case 07 Executing E-Business Strategies - The GE Way
Case 08 Fabmart's E-Tailing Model
Case 09 Ford's E-Business Strategy
Case 10 Google.Com - The World's Number One Internet Search Engine Case Volumes Collection
Case 11 Gyandoot - An E-Government Initiative in India  
Case 12 Knowledge Management @ Xerox Corp.  
Case 13 Knowledge Management @Tata Steel  
Case 14 Knowledge Sharing Initiatives at the World Bank - Creating a ‘Knowledge Bank'  
Case 15 Marriott's Customer-Focused E-Business Strategy  
Case 16 Merrill Lynch's IT Initiatives  
Case 17 PayPal.Com's Business Model  
Case 18 Sciquest.Com's B2B E-Marketplace  
Case 19 SCM and ERP Software Implementation at Nike - From Failure to Success  
Case 20 The eCitizen Portal - Integrating Government Services Online in Singapore  
Case 21 The eSeva Project - Providing G2C Services in Andhra Pradesh (India)  
Case 22 University of Phoenix Online - #1 Provider of Online Education  

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