Case Studies in Marketing - Vol. III


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  Part - I: Sales and Distribution Management

Case Volumes | Case Study Volumes in Marketing Vol-III
Case 01 Tupperware in India
Case 02 Sears Logistics Management Practices
Case 03 PepsiCo's Distribution and Logistics Operations
Case 04 Yellow Transportation Inc. - The Tech Leader of the Trucking Industry in the US
Case 05 McDonald's Food Chain in India
Case 06 Tata Indica - The Making of the Small Car Case Studies in Marketing Vol-III

37 Case Studies
502 pages, Paperback
Indian orders: 3500 Rupees
Case 07 Revamping the Supply Chain - The Ashok Leyland Way
Case 08 Unilever Restructures its Supply Chain Management Practices
Case 09 Carrefour - Managing the Global Supply Chain
  Part - II: Retailing Management Case Volumes Home
Case 10 Crossroad's Retailing Lessons  
Case 11 Westside - The Indian Retailing Success Story  
Case 12 Foodworld - Pioneering Organized Food Retailing In India  
Case 13 Kmart - Fall of a Retailing Giant  
Case 14 Apple's ITunes: Changing the Face of Online Music Retailing  
Case 15 BPCL's Petrol Pump Retail Revolution  
Case 16 Allen Solly - Entering the Indian Women's Western Wear Market  
  Part - III: Product Management  
Case 17 Linux - Gaining Ground  
Case 18 National Dairy Development Board - A Successful Indian Dairy Co-Operative Movement  
Case 19 Sustainable Development at Alcoa  
  Part - IV: International Marketing  
Case 20 Fedex vs. UPS - Competing with Contrasting Strategies in China  
Case 21 Dell Spells Success in China  
Case 22 Toyota's Globalization Strategies  
Case 23 The Kodak-Fuji Rivalry  
Case 24 The Fall of Daewoo Motors  
Case 25 Motorola in China  
Case 26 Dangdang.Com - the Amazon.Com of China  
Case 27 McDonald's-No Longer the “Great American Meal”  
Case 28 Saudi British Bank - HSBC'S Saudi Arabian Experience  
Case 29 The Enron Saga  
  Part - V: Strategic Marketing Management  
Case 30 Sundaram Clayton - Winning the Deming Prize  
Case 31 Xerox - The Benchmarking Story  
Case 32 Six Sigma at GE  
Case 33 Implementing Tata Business Excellence Model in Tata Steel  
Case 34 Consumer-Driven Six Sigma at Ford  
Case 35 Omnicom - The World's Largest Advertising Conglomerate  
Case 36 Air Canada - From One Crisis to Another  
Case 37 Barbie's Success Story  

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