Case Studies in Organizational Culture - Vol. I


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Case 01 3M's Organizational Culture

Case Volumes | Case Study Volumes in Organizational Culture - Vol. I

Case 02 Cisco's Organizational Culture
Case 03 Google's Organizational Culture
Case 04 Home Depot's Cultural Evolution - A Comparison of the Company's Culture Under its Founders and Bob Nardelli
Case 05 HP at Cultural Crossroads
Case 06 Human Resource Management - Best Practices at Marriott International

Case Studies in Organizational Culture - Vol. I
21 Case Studies
356 pages, Hardcover.
Indian orders: 2500 Rupees

Case 07 IBM: From Inventor to Innovator
Case 08 Innovations at Wipro
Case 09 Managing Cultural Change at P&G
Case 10 Microsoft's People Problems Case Volumes Collection
Case 11 Netscape's Work Culture  
Case 12 Nokia - Fostering Innovation  
Case 13 Nucor Corp's Organizational Culture  
Case 14 Semco - A ‘Maverick'Organization  
Case 15 Southwest Airlines'Organizational Culture  
Case 16 Southwest Airlines Act II - An Airline in Trouble?  
Case 17 SRC Holdings -The ‘Open Book Management'Culture  
Case 18 The Fall of Arthur Andersen: Organizational Culture Issues  
Case 19 The Good and Bad of Wal-Mart's Culture  
Case 20 Xerox - People Problems  
Case 21 Xerox PARC - Innovation without Profit?  

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