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Case Studies | Case Study in Business, Management, Operations, Strategies

Case 1 Banyan Tree: Developing a Powerful Service Brand

Case 2 Bossard Asia Pacific: Can It Make Its CRM Strategy Work?
Case 3 Charles Schwab's Customer Focussed e-Business Strategy
Case 4 Coyote Loco Evaluating Opportunities for Revenue Management
Case 5 Customer Asset Management at DHL in Asia
Case 6 Customer Service in Singapore Airlines
Case 7 Giordano International Expansion
Case 8 Indian Railways at the Crossroads
Case 9 Lessons in Customer Service from Wal-Mart
Case 10 Match.Com – The World's Leading Online Personals Site
Case 11 Mumbai's ‘Dabbawalas'– An Entrepreneurial Success Story
Case 12 Radio Mirchi: Spicing Up the Indian Air Waves
Case 13 Revenue Management at Prego Italian Restaurant
Case 14 The New ‘Indian'Airlines
Case 15 Walt Disney – The Evolution of the Brand

Case Volumes | Case Study Volumes in Services Marketing

Case Studies in Services Marketing
15 Case Studies (Details)
271 pages, Paperback
Indian orders: 2000 Rupees

Case Volumes Collection

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