Glass Ceiling*



Case Code : SCHROB019
Publication date :2005
Subject : Human Resource Management
Industry : Information Technology
Length : 7 Pages


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The case deals with the concept of ‘glass ceiling,'which prevents women from reaching top management positions in the corporate world. It explains the concept in detail and examines the various reasons that prevent women from reaching the top management. The case gives several examples of women who have reached top management positions in the US and in India.


Circumstances or factors that have brought corporate glass ceiling into existence.

Questions for Discussion:

1. Explain the concept of corporate glass ceiling. What do you think are the various factors that prevent women from rising through the ranks in corporates around the world?
2. "For every Fiorina who claims the glass ceiling has been shattered, there are hundreds of thousands of working women who know it remains firmly in place." Critically analyze the statement and justify your answer.
3. Though the debate on glass ceiling continues, some obstacles did prevent women from reaching top management positions. How do you think these obstacles can be overcome by women, particularly in developing countries like India? Explain.

Key words:
Glass ceiling, women, top management, corporate world, prevent women, top management, examples, women, US, India

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