Customer Focused e-Business Strategy at Marriot International *



Case Code : SCITSY035
Publication date :2005
Subject : IT and Systems
Industry : Hospitality
Length : 7 Pages


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This case discusses the customer-focused e-business strategy of Marriott International (Marriott) , a world leader in the hospitality industry. It examines the way in which Marriott focused on providing better customer service by using IT proactively and through the facilities on offer through its website. The case describes in detail the e-business strategy of Marriott that aimed at transforming it from a property-centric to customer-centric company. The benefits Marriott derived from launching its website and other IT initiatives are also highlighted.


The importance of a customer-focused e-business strategy in the hospitality industry.
The role of IT in integrating different business processes to make them more customer-oriented.

Questions for Discussion:

1. Marriott, recognized as one of the most customer-focused companies in the hospitality industry, used IT proactively. Explain how the company used its website to enhance customer satisfaction.
2. Marriott's e-business strategy aimed at transforming itself from a property-centric to customer-centric company. Explain the key objectives of the e-business strategy and how Marriott went about implementing it. How did the strategy enhance the customer focus of the company?
3. Marriott's case is a classic example of how IT can be leveraged for customer relationship management. What other IT initiatives can the hospitality industry in general, and Marriott in particular, take to manage their customer relationships better?

Key words:
Customer-focused, e-business, strategy, Marriott International, world leader, hospitality industry, IT, website, property-centric, customer-centric company

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