The Indian Fast Food Market *



Case Code : SCMKTG004
Publication date :2005
Subject : Subject : Marketing
Industry :Food, Beverages & Tobacco
Length : 6 Pages


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The case discusses the localization strategies adopted by the multinational fast food chains - McDonald's, Domino's and KFC in India. Initially, these fast food chains found it tough to cater to Indian tastes. Soon, they customized their menu, positioned their products and advertised to appeal to Indian customers. McDonald's and Domino's succeeded to a certain extent, while KFC still had a long way to go. The case is intended to enable students understand the localization strategies adopted by the multinational fast food chains. They should also be able to appreciate the factors that forced the fast food chains to understand the local market and modify their strategies to suit local requirements. The case is intended for MBA/PGDBM level students as part of their marketing topics, viz. Fundamentals of Marketing and Strategic Marketing.


Localization strategies adopted by fast food chains, customization of menus, positioning of their product

Questions for Discussion:

1. McDonald's followed fundamental 'consistency' rule offering products of uniform size, price and quality in all the markets where it operated. However, in India the company went for an entirely different approach. Explain why McDonald's went for customization in India?
2. Both McDonalds and Dominos customized their menus to Indian tastes. Explain the difference in their positioning.
3. KFC also customized but it did not meet with the success as McDonalds and Dominos had. Examine it critically.

Key words:
Localization, strategies, multinational, fast food chains, McDonald's, Domino's, KFC, India, fast food chains, Indian tastes, customized, menu, positioned, products, advertised, Indian customers, McDonald's, Domino's, KFC, multinational, local requirements

*Note : This case is a simplified version of a longer case study, and is intended for learners for whom English is a foreign language. The longer version of this case study (MKTG004) is available at: